Customer-focused mindset. Innovation-driven designs.

Innovation without limits.

Our entrepreneurial mindset created an industry nearly a century ago when Mr. Curt G. Joa introduced automated manufacturing to the disposable hygiene products marketplace. Since day one, our mission wasn’t to simply build machines, but rather design solutions for complex production problems based on customer goals. It’s a tradition of innovation that improves efficiency while producing high-quality products.

A passion for solving complex problems.

We believe there’s no such thing as an impossible idea. Because everything we do leads to something better and new—and it just may be the next big thing for your business. Staying at the forefront of innovation ensures solutions that drive efficiency, quality, sustainability, customization, and safety.

Designing for the future by building upon experience.

Strategy Meetings

Years of experience and long-term relationships drive our continual innovation—from customers, to supply chain partners, industry leaders, and some of the best associates any company could wish to assemble. At JOA, we collaborate closely to build relationships that last—for decades.

Experience the JOA difference. It’s a passion for excellence, by doing what’s right.