Break Brake™ Technology

By keeping elastic breaks contained, patented JOA® Break Brake™ technology minimizes downtime and improves operator safety.

Expandable Core Wrap

See how our new patent-pending design allows the core to expand within the containment wrap. Core materials stay contained, the risk of leakage is reduced and your customers’ skin is protected.

Gentle Touch™ Folder

The patented JOA® Gentle Touch™ Folder reduces the impact on the product core when folding to avoid quality issues, increase throughput, and lower costs.

Hurricane™ Folder

See how the JOA® Hurricane™ Folder folds products into a compact rectangular shape that results in packaging material savings and reduced shipping expenses.

No Scrap Ear (NoSE)

Eliminate expensive ear material waste. Our patented NoSE unit cuts ear material in specific patterns that don’t produce waste, using 100% of the ear material every time.

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