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    JOA Technologies

At Curt G. Joa, Inc., our research and development team works to continually develop new technologies and processes. Here is a small sampling of some of our technologies. To learn more about our offerings, or if you would like to partner to on a new development, please contact us.

SAIL-Bonder.jpg Thumbnail

SAIL Bonder

JOA's new single anvil in-line (SAIL) bonder for side seams in adult and baby pant applications utilizes a single anvil roll in an inline process. This new approach breaks the correlation between machine speed
and bonding speed, allowing for a repeatable process at much higher production speeds.

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Automated Roll Loading

Our robotic loading system automatically refills the unwinds, and discards of expired roll cores. By eliminating the need for manual loading, you can reduce labor costs, increase safety and eliminate human error.

Simply prepare material rolls in a designated area, and the ARLS system will pick up the rolls and load/unload them onto the unwinds. The unwind area can be equipped with badge-reader technology, enabling only authorized personnel access to the unwinds. 

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Turret Unwinds

Joa’s turret unwinds feed material into the machine process, splicing expiring material rolls to new material rolls without slowing the production speed. This technology eliminates the need for accumulators and shortens web paths.

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ADL-camera.jpg Thumbnail

Custom Vision Inspection

Joa’s vision inspection system provides individualized inspections combined with custom software, allowing for the most comprehensive inspection system for your production process. The system includes:

- Area/Line Scan Inspections

- All necessary hardware

- Dedicated software

- Data acquisition system integration

- Installation/Set Up/Training/Support

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Gentle-Touch Folder

Available for baby diaper and adult brief lines, the Gentle-Touch Folder provides a low-impact folding process. Developed to prevent the cracking of cores, the Gentle Touch Folder allows customer to increase machine speed while maintaining product quality.

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Printer-Preview-2.png Thumbnail

Flexographic Printing

Our multi-color printing unit is capable of producing various designs on a diverse array of materials. Highlights include:

- Up to three colors and patterns – Allows for customization of your print pattern.

- Water-based ink – More economical than ink-jet or UV printing

- Quick-change pattern cliché – Quick and easy procedure for changing print patterns.

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Fluffless-Core.png Thumbnail

Coreforming System

Joa's coreforming system provides a high-quality, homogeneous blend of SAP and fluff. Joa's unique system provides an accurate and consistent mixture with low standard of deviation of core weight. Available with 70/30 ratio, we can provide many different core types and core wrap options.

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ECW.png Thumbnail

Expandable Core Wrap

Patent-Pending High Density Core Forming Process.

Contact us today to learn more about our Expandable Core Wrap technology.