A commitment to safety and continuous improvements.

We care about the people behind the processes. Which is why our engineers are always developing smarter processes to protect operators and improve their workflows. With technologies that automate or streamline time-consuming and potentially risky tasks, we always put the safety of your operations first.

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Upgrade an existing process today.

Our innovative technology units are available as upgrade kits and can be integrated into older machines with minimal downtime. Consult our expert technicians to see how you can improve the safety and efficiency of your current production processes. Contact Us

From patented innovations that enhance production speed and quality to smart solutions that reduce waste and improve sustainability, we’ve got you covered. Trust JOA for tailored production technology solutions, whether you need user comfort enhancements, product quality improvements, or safety-focused processes. Explore our engineering expertise, contact us to learn more, and let’s revolutionize your operations.

Automatic Roll Loading System

Reduce labor requirements and improve operator safety.

Varying in size and weight, the material rolls used in production can be difficult to handle. And manually loading materials is labor-intensive and can slow down production. Our patented Automatic Roll Loading System (ARLS) automates the entire roll loading process—all at machine speed. No personnel are required to lift material rolls. Whether rolls are heavy and wide or narrow and unstable, the ARLS accommodates the variety of materials used to make your products, handling each size with ease. View PDF


Pneumatic Air Threading

Reduce downtime and improve operator safety.

When the web material breaks, the machine is shut down and production stops while the operator reaches into the machine to rethread the web. This can be very time-consuming and the process puts the operator at risk for injury. Patented JOA® pneumatic air threading technology enables the web to thread itself back through—all the operator has to do is push a button.

Power Distribution

Access electrical panels without a rubber suit.

Our current machines stay under the 5 calorie threshold of power, which limits exposure. This enables operators to access all electrical panels, except for the main one, with just an insulated screwdriver and cotton apparel such as gloves. No rubber suit is needed, for better mobility and faster maintenance.

Pull-out Adhesive Mounts

Service adhesive applicator units safely and with ease.

By putting adhesive applicator units on a pull out tray, we eliminate the need for operators to crawl into the machine to perform a size change or evaluate and change out nozzles. Designed for maximum operator efficiency and safety, we also can integrate sensors that alert operators whether or not the glue mounts are in position after servicing.

Pull Out Adhesive Mounts 800

Turret Unwinds

The safest unwind system available.

When unwind units aren’t enclosed, operators are exposed to moving parts and injury can occur. However, on JOA® machines, our patented multi-level machine platform design keeps the entire turret unwind section isolated, along with the Automatic Roll Loading System, in a secured perimeter. View PDF

Turret unwinds

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