Continually defining quality within our industry.

Quality is at the forefront of every one of our innovations. For nearly a century we’ve been engineering more innovative ways to enhance product quality while increasing production speeds and eliminating waste. Our engineers thrive on solving customers’ unique challenges and are always raising the bar for production quality within the nonwoven converting industry.

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Improve your existing machine with upgrade kits.

Maybe it’s not a new machine you need, but a better process. Each of our innovative technology units is available as an upgrade kit and can be integrated into older machines with minimal downtime. Improve quality and reduce waste. JOA makes it easy. Tell us your needs

From patented innovations that enhance production speed and quality to smart solutions that reduce waste and improve sustainability, we’ve got you covered. Trust JOA for tailored production technology solutions, whether you need user comfort enhancements, product quality improvements, or safety-focused processes. Explore our engineering expertise, contact us to learn more, and let’s revolutionize your operations.

Core Forming

Custom core formers for every product variation.

Thinner cores. Channeled cores. 3-D shapes. High SAP percentages. We have developed and perfected a diverse range of core designs over 90 years to ensure our machines continually produce the quality your customers expect. We customize our standard core formers to fit any product design need—so you can design your core features without constraints. With our engineering expertise and flexible production processes, our solutions not only meet your current goals but also prepare you for future opportunities. View PDF

Core forming

Expandable Core Wrap

Protect each product core to ensure user comfort.

The increased absorbency of high-SAP cores can cause traditional core wraps to break, exposing SAP and fluff to the user’s skin. Our new patent-pending design allows the core to expand within the containment wrap, regardless of the blended fluff and SAP ratio. That means core materials stay contained, the risk of leakage is reduced and your customers’ skin is protected.
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Expandable Core Wrap

Gentle Touch Folder

Boost production speed without compromising quality.

The standard Tucker folding process is harsh on delicate product cores at high production speeds. The patented JOA® Gentle Touch™ Folder reduces the impact on the core, by matching production speed while folding with a gentle push motion—eliminating waste from damaged products. Avoid quality issues, increase throughput, and lower costs by running thinner, more delicate nonwoven materials with ease.
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Gentle Touch™ folder

Hurricane Folder

Reduce material packaging and shipping costs.

The JOA® Hurricane™ Folder utilizes patent-pending technology to align the core and waist seam to create a folded product with a compact square shape. This reduces the overall product length and enables you to reduce both package bag height and shipping box height. That means more bags in boxes and more product on pallets—reducing your shipping expenses on a per-package basis. The uniformly folded product is more visually appealing to customers and the packaging material savings will help lower your carbon footprint.
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Hurricane™ folder

Infinity Technology

Superior product handling minimizes waste.

Our patented Infinity® technology secures the product and prevents slippage during the converting process. The product can be positioned anywhere on the roll with the same level of control at high production speeds. The Infinity® Roll manages a variety of product and material sizes, reducing or eliminating the need for equipment size changes and corresponding downtime. It also transfers challenging shapes with fine details and thinner, difficult-to-control materials with ease. View PDF

Infinity® technology

Precision Cutting

Cutting solutions that reduce waste and improve efficiencies.

JOA has developed multiple web cutting technologies, employing each at different stages of the production process to maximize quality and efficiencies. Flex knives, slitting operations, die cutting and lasers ensure speed and precision with minimal waste. The expert in high-speed cutting, JOA has the process versatility to fit your unique requirements and materials to save time and money.

Precision cutting unit

SAIL™ Bonder

Increase production speed without reducing bond quality.

The greatest variable when creating a strong, quality bond is time—and traditionally, production speed determined the bonding time. Our patented Single Anvil In-Line (SAIL™) Bonder breaks the correlation between machine speed and bonding strength, enabling higher production speeds and increased bond quality. View PDF

SAIL™ bonder

Single Transfer Insert Placement Process (STIPP)

Quality is essential for user comfort.

Our patented Single Transfer Insert Placement Process (STIPP) improves product quality by reducing the variability between chassis and insert placement. It also enables adhesives to be put on the insert so no glue is exposed, eliminating downstream contamination. And by putting glue on the insert edges, flipped corners are eliminated for ultimate product quality and consumer comfort.

Vision Control System

Comprehensive inspection at full production speed for consistent, repeatable quality.

Our intelligent Vision Control System accurately detects defects, makes machine adjustments automatically and eliminates defective products with absolute minimal waste. Some machine manufacturers simply bolt on a commercial, unconfigured, off-the-shelf vision system. A JOA® Vision Control System is designed to inspect your specific product features at critical points in your production process. View PDF

Vision Control System

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