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    DEDE 400

The DEDE 400 manufactures feminine hygiene products on a cellulose and airlaid base. Some machine highlights include:

  • Production direction – Products manufactured 90° to machine direction.
  • Raw material savings – Running time of material rolls up to four times longer.
  • Complete system – Available with PSC 50 cartoning machine and FSP 50/60 bagging machine.

Sanitary Napkin Machine Speed


Products Per Minute

Panty Liner Machine Speed


Products Per Minute

  • Machine Features
  • Product Features
  • Specifications

Products manufactured 90° to the production direction

Fully servo-driven

Nearly all processing steps made on one drum

In-line vision system

Sanitary napkins anatomic or wing shaped

Tri-folding, individual wrapping as standard or easy wrap

SAP application

Acquisition layer

Airlaid or pulp core

Unfolded products (sanitary napkins)

Machine speed

  • Panty liner – 1,500 products per minute
  • Sanitary napkin – 500 products per minute

Can meet CE/NFPA/OSHA compliance and regulations

85dBA capable