JOA Announces Expandable Absorbent Core Wrap Solution

Expandable Core Wrap

Sheboygan Falls, USA (3 March 2021) – Curt G. Joa, Inc., a global, custom-engineering design and machine-building company, announced the invention of an expandable absorbent core product feature and machine process technology.

The new patent-pending design from JOA allows the core to expand within the containment wrap, regardless of the blended fluff and Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) ratio. Essentially, the core grows as the product is insulted. The expandable wrap allows cores to be designed with higher amounts of SAP which results in thinner products that have higher absorbency.

Chris Nelson, business development manager and co-inventor, explains more, “As SAP designs evolve, products now contain higher quantities of SAP, and these new SAP designs absorb more fluid than ever before. Performance of the core depends on allowing the SAP to work.

Therefore, there was a need for accommodating the core swell and expansion of SAP as fluid transfers through the product.”

“JOA machines ensure core integrity by keeping core materials contained, reducing the risk of leakage which decreases skin irritation and improves skin health,” added Scott Roehrborn, machine platform manager and co-inventor.

Additional product design features now being announced include:

  • Core edge definition that rivals die cut;
  • Balanced SAP distribution with more consistent core weights;
  • Single or dual dusting layer capability with homogenous blend of fluff and SAP.

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