Protect your investment with expert maintenance and advice.

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Your JOA® machine is a major investment, and is designed and built for decades of service. To maximize your investment, work with JOA to develop a targeted service and preventative maintenance plan. Machine parts have a typical service life, generally measured in machine hours. Knowing when parts will wear out based on your production needs gives you a good idea of what to plan and budget for throughout the year.

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Our technicians are readily available to ensure optimal machine performance.

JOA has a long history of supporting its installed machines. Our maintenance technicians develop close relationships with our customers. We’re committed to having the same technicians service you for many years, so your team always works with someone who understands your production, facility and products. They provide valuable information to the maintenance staff, educating them on how to keep the machine in good repair. Our technicians also listen to concerns and suggestions, bringing that information back to our engineers which leads to continuous product and part improvements. It’s these close relationships between customer, technician and engineering that make us the industry’s most trusted provider.