Smart designs minimize costs and time.

Our modular frame designs enable fast and easy installation of machines or upgrade kits, saving both time and money. This stems from our long-term philosophy to reduce the number of handed parts—ensuring the assembly and rebuild happen as fast and efficiently as possible. You can also contract our professional assembly team for any assembly needs.

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Machine Assembly
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Private assembly bays ensure complete confidentiality.

The confidentiality of your project is closely guarded at every step. Highly-skilled JOA professionals assemble the machine meticulously and on-schedule within our secure, enclosed bays. With our ample square footage, we are able to accommodate up to twelve simultaneous machine builds, each in its own private bay. We also maintain secure off-site assembly facilities for confidential long-term projects. Process development, performance testing, sample runs, and customer training can all be conducted in this guarded environment.

Contract our assemblers for any project.

Leverage our team of professionals for your assembly project. Ship your project to JOA or have our team visit your facility.