Light Incontinence Machine

Meeting every production need with speed and precision.

Machine Speed

Up to 450*

meters per minute

Production Speed

Up to 1500*

products per minute

Machine Size

30M x 11M x 6.7M


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These represent base configurations. We can engineer a machine to your specific requirements. Ask JOA

*Up to 330 mpm for single-wrap products
**Up to 1,100 ppm for single-wrap products

Light Incontinence

The JOA® J20S-LI Light Incontinence Machine gives you flexibility to expand your production capabilities and product design features. This solution combines our proprietary technologies with your custom product features and production requirements.

Increase throughput and product quality with JOA’s industry-leading production speed and automatic, quality-control technology options. Designed to seamlessly handle machine upgrades as technologies evolve, components can be retrofitted with minimal investment and downtime.

Custom built for your product features.

JOA provides a wide range of options to create the exact product features you need. Multiple core forming options are available, including single, dual, discrete or continuous. Products can be trifolded with or without a pouch wrap and adhesive seal. Print up to four colors and patterns on the topsheet with our multi-color flexographic printer.

Reduce waste and improve production efficiencies.

Our turret unwinds splice raw materials at production speed and the design eliminates the need for raw material accumulation, which avoids wrinkling the web to reduce product defects. In addition, our Low Roll Splice Initiation System reduces material waste by minimizing the amount of material left on the roll core before initiating the splice.

Increase uptime and eliminate manual processes.

With our automated technologies, significantly reduce manual labor requirements and improve operator safety. Our Automatic Roll Loading System (ARLS) automates material loading, from roll retrieval to placement on the turret to disposal of the empty core.

Upgrade any production process.

Our engineers are continually looking for ways to improve machine design for better performance. We can evaluate your existing machine and recommend the best solutions for your requirements. With upgrade kits that integrate seamlessly to any machine, you can increase production speeds, reduce material waste, improve product quality, automate manual tasks and more.

Training and service options that meet your needs wherever you are.

Committed to keeping your machine up and running, our expert technicians accept calls day and night and travel at a moment’s notice when needed. Flexible operator and maintenance training options are available at start-up and throughout the life of your machine. To further our dedication to 24/7 worldwide service, online support solutions are also provided to accelerate the troubleshooting process and minimize downtime.