DEDE 330

Light Incontinence Machine

The machine flexibility you need to produce unique products.

Machine Speed

Up to 250

meters per minute

Production Speed

Up to 800

products per minute

Machine Size

27M x 4.5M x 4.7M


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Light Incontinence

The JOA® DEDE 330 is a high-performance light incontinence machine that efficiently produces multiple sizes of incontinence products with a fluff core. This fluff pulp machine features a universal foam applicator that eliminates the need for changeover and format parts; saving you valuable time and money. With JOA® upgrade kits, you can quickly and easily add new components with minimal investment and downtime; making the JOA®DEDE 330 Light Incontinence Machine a reliable and cost-effective solution for your production needs.

Get replacement parts and responsive service.

The JOA® European Technology Team, located in Germany, offers service and support for all DEDE machines. This ensures fast replacement parts through responsive technical support.

We provide complete product versatility.

Choose from a wide range of options to create the exact product features you need. Multiple core forming, folding, and wrapping options are available, including perfume/lotion application. And our in-line, multi-color flexographic printer can print up to four colors and patterns on the topsheet or Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL).

Reduce downtime and improve production efficiencies.

Our light incontinence machine provides efficient technologies, and a fully-servo driven machine design controlled from an easy-to-use Human Machine Interface (HMI).