Light Incontinence Machine Platforms

Platform #ProductTop Machine Speed
Top Production Speed
J20S-LILight IncontinenceUp to 450Up to 1500
DEDE 330Light IncontinenceUp to 250Up to 800

Our light incontinence converting solutions provide the production flexibility needed to create the exact product features you need. And with JOA® upgrade kits, new technology enhancements can be incorporated seamlessly. With teams in the USA and Europe, we provide responsive service and support to JOA® machines.

Discover how our custom hygiene converting solutions can transform your business. Contact us today or give us a call. Our JOA® machines offer unmatched durability and reliability, built to last for decades. We’re committed to innovation and scalability, making it easy to incorporate new technology enhancements. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your product and achieve long-term success.