DEDE 400

Feminine Hygiene

Reduce Material Waste Significantly in Feminine Product Machinery with Cross-Directional Production.

Machine Speed

Up to 120

meters per minute

Panty Liner Speed

Up to 1500

products per minute

Sanitary Napkin Speed

Up to 500

products per minute

Average Machine Size

17M x 3M x 2.2M


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Feminine Hygiene

Featuring a compact design, the JOA® DEDE 400 Machine is an air-laid nonwoven machine that is designed for manufacturing feminine hygiene products. Using a fluff pulp or air-laid material core, this machine runs products in the cross direction, resulting in significantly less scrap and big material savings. Our engineers work with you to customize features and functionality to meet your feminine product machinery and production requirements. Plus, with our upgrade kits, you can improve production speeds, reduce material waste, enhance product quality, and more.

Less material waste and improved efficiencies.

Products are manufactured 90º to the production direction to maximize material usage, resulting in significantly less scrap. In addition, all product layers are applied in one processing drum to improve production speed and quality. These processes make the DEDE 400 the optimal solution for thin and non-winged products such as panty liners.

Technology to meet each of your product variations.

We provide a wide range of production options to create the exact product features you need. Multiple core forming, folding, and pouch wrap process options are available for basic and premium product constructions. Graphics and patterns can be applied to the products in-line with our multi-color flexographic printer.

Support throughout the life of your machine.

Service and support for DEDE machines is readily available through the JOA® European Technology Team located in Germany—ensuring fast replacement parts delivery through trusted local suppliers and manufacturers, deep engineering expertise, and responsive technical support.

Upgrade any production process.

Our engineers are continually looking for ways to improve machine design for better performance. We can evaluate your existing machine and recommend the best solutions for your requirements. With upgrade kits that integrate seamlessly to any machine, you can increase production speeds, reduce material waste, improve product quality, automate manual tasks and more.