We build efficiencies into every process.

Dedicated to innovation, JOA engineers and technicians are continually developing new technologies that boost efficiencies to grow your bottom line. Our patented technologies improve production speed and quality while helping you significantly reduce material waste and manual processes, and improve safety and efficiency.

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Enhance your processes today with easy-to-install upgrade kits.

Each of our innovative technology units is available as an upgrade kit and can be integrated into older machines with minimal downtime. Automate manual tasks, minimize scrap, enhance product quality and more. We make it possible to integrate new product features or machine processes seamlessly with any machine, regardless of the original manufacturer. Tell us your needs

From patented innovations that enhance production speed and quality to smart solutions that reduce waste and improve sustainability, we’ve got you covered. Trust JOA for tailored production technology solutions, whether you need user comfort enhancements, product quality improvements, or safety-focused processes. Explore our engineering expertise, contact us to learn more, and let’s revolutionize your operations.

Automatic Roll Loading System

Increase splice efficiency, reduce labor requirements and improve safety.

Varying in size and weight, the material rolls used in production can be difficult to handle. The patented JOA® Automatic Roll Loading System (ARLS) automates the entire roll loading process—from roll retrieval to core disposal, all at machine speed. View PDF


Break Brake

Elastic breaks are contained to minimize downtime.

Elastics are one of the finest materials used in hygiene products and high production speeds can sometimes cause a strand to break. When a break does occur, the loose strand can travel quickly and get caught further into the production line, requiring an operator to shut down the machine and try to find and rethread the strand. Patented JOA® Break Brake™ technology catches the broken elastic strand at a defined location so the strand can easily be spotted and rethreaded, minimizing downtime.
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Break Brake

Mechanical Equipment Platform

Increase speeds and reduce machine footprint with a second level.

Our Mechanical Equipment Platform structure puts raw material delivery on a second level above the machine, reducing the number of off-line unwinds and the overall machine footprint—so you don’t have to expand your facility or compromise production volume. The shortened web paths enable faster production speed. Designed for operator safety and compliance, different options are available to ensure best-fit.

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Pneumatic Air Threading

Reduce downtime and improve operator safety.

When the web material breaks, the machine is shut down and production stops while the operator reaches into the machine to rethread the web. This can be very time-consuming and the process puts the operator at risk for injury. JOA’s patented pneumatic air threading technology enables the web to thread itself back through—all the operator has to do is push a button.

Rapid Change Over

Save time and put money back in your bottom line.

On every machine, our slip cut unit is designed and set up to handle the different pitch lengths required for your different product sizes, so the unit doesn’t need to be swapped out—reducing labor requirements for every change over. In addition, our Automated Recipe Management system saves your product SKU details which enables the operator to simply push a button instead of manually adjusting the turn bars and brake positions for each product size, reducing change over time significantly. These set it and forget it solutions are a few of many ways JOA works to save you time and money.

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Remote Access

Get 24/7 support, no matter where in the world you are.

Our secure online support solutions reduce downtime. When you choose remote service options, you accelerate the process of troubleshooting technical issues on your machine. With online access, JOA technical staff will determine if the issue you are experiencing can be resolved remotely, or if a technician is required onsite. We provide a service appliance gateway equipped with software to maintain and run your machine. View PDF

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Single Pad Reject

Reject single products at-speed to minimize waste.

Our proprietary Vision Control System identifies and removes defective products, rejecting single products at machine speed. This eliminates rejecting multiple products unnecessarily, saving material and reducing scrap.

Vision Control System

Stretch Film Lamination

Eliminate waste and maintain quality.

JOA® stretch rolls enable narrower stretch films to be used than with typical setups, resulting in material cost savings. In addition, our auto-recovery system rethreads the film—at-speed—if any holes or breaks are spotted, eliminating downtime and the product waste that occurs from defective products and machine shutdown and startup.

Stretch Film Lamination Machine

Turret Unwinds

Enable at-speed splicing and reduce your machine footprint.

Since JOA® turret unwinds do not have an accumulator, material is fed into the process and spliced at-speed without wrinkling the web. The setup enables flexible configuration of material placement, and the unwinds can be placed above the machine to reduce machine length or on the machine level to reduce machine height. The system handles different roll sizes with ease, learning the weight and diameter of each roll for consistent splice set-up, regardless of material type. Choose between our standard and 4.0 model based on your production needs. View PDF

Turret unwinds

Ultrasonic Elastic Entrapment

Reduce material and energy costs with glue-free bonding.

The leader in ultrasonic systems, our elastic entrapment system creates quality bonds using a low energy consumption process that doesn’t require heat. The need for an adhesive raw material stream is eliminated. And compared to other systems, ultrasonic bonding has lower maintenance requirements which reduces machine downtime. View PDF

Ultrasonic Elastic Entrapment

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