Dry Molded Fiber

In Partnership with PulPac

Dry Molded Fiber Converting Machine

As the trusted machine supplier for PulPac, we proudly contribute our world-renowned engineering, innovation, and expertise to the PulPac Ecosystem. Collaborating closely with PulPac, we have developed the cutting-edge Modula dry molded fiber line, a machine that sets new standards in speed, flexibility, and efficiency. This advanced technology not only enables lower production costs but also reduces energy consumption significantly. JOA serves as a comprehensive solution provider, offering a full range of services including startup installation, technical support, and spare parts assistance.

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PulPac Modula Dry Molded Fiber Converting Line




Dry Molded Fiber, invented and patented by PulPac, is a fiber-forming technology available to converters, brand owners, and partners to help create a new and competitive standard in sustainable packaging. Besides unmatched sustainability features, the unique fiber-forming technology offers unit economics competitive enough to make a viable shift from single-use plastics to fiber-based alternatives. With a licensing business model, PulPac is scaling the supply chain, a global network of partners supporting licensees in transitioning to Dry Molded Fiber