Dry Molded Fiber Machine Platform: Replace single-use plastics with dry molded fiber technology.

Responsibly produced packaging that just makes sense.

PulPac technology + JOA machine building expertise. PulPac invented Dry Molded Fiber Technology—a cost-, energy-, and resource-efficient alternative to wet molded fiber and plastics. JOA’s dry molded fiber machine design, engineering and manufacturing expertise in the converting industry is the natural fit to bring your product concepts to life, no matter where you are in the world.

Trust more than 90 years of innovation and machine expertise.

JOA machines are used worldwide to convert cellulose fluff into high-quality, single-use products. Industry-leading brands worldwide rely on JOA’s machine building expertise for speed, uptime and—most important—quality. Your brand’s reputation is our first concern.

Fiberizing and core forming expertise.

Fiberizing cellulose materials is critical to dry molded fiber manufacturing. We employ proven milling technologies to ensure optimal fiber quality, distribution, and density. We also use inline recycling of the dry molded fiber waste to deliver 99% material usage.

Accelerate machine build time and product validation.

JOA maintains a fully operational pilot line at our facility. This enables you to validate your unique tooling months before the machine is delivered. The JOA machine and the servo press are manufactured concurrently, and shipped directly to your production location to reduce shipping costs and expedite schedules. All of which accelerates product acceptance, startup at your site, and full-scale production.

Let’s talk about your ideas.

PulPac Dry Molded Fiber Technology is ready right now, and JOA’s team is prepared to help you manufacture unique, single-use, compostable products made from renewable materials.

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lower CO2
emissions compared to plastics

Up to
faster than
conventional fiber-forming methods

The JOA difference.

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90 Years
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converting innovation