Flexible technology options that enable complete product customization.

Rely on JOA for production technology that meets all of your unique product design needs. From enhancing user comfort to improving product quality, we have solutions for a wide range of product designs, including high SAP cores, channeled cores, and sustainable solutions that reduce material waste and provide maximum user comfort. And if you don’t see what you need, our engineers will work with you to design an optimal solution. We’re committed to helping you produce products that keep you at the front of your industry, protect your reputation, and keep your customers coming back.

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Improve your existing machine with upgrade kits.

Maybe it’s not a new machine you need, but a better process. Each of our innovative technology units is available as an upgrade kit and can be integrated into older machines with minimal downtime. Contact Us

From patented innovations that enhance production speed and quality to smart solutions that reduce waste and improve sustainability, we’ve got you covered. Trust JOA for tailored production technology solutions, whether you need user comfort enhancements, product quality improvements, or safety-focused processes. Explore our engineering expertise, contact us to learn more, and let’s revolutionize your operations.

Back Tag

Back tag designs for your product specifications.

Used to indicate the back of the product, back tags are the perfect solution when using materials that a print won’t show up on, such as for black materials. We can customize the size and content on a back tag to fit any product requirement, and our in-line unit can apply the tag to a plain nonwoven or laminated poly nonwoven.


Core Configurations

Flexible options for your different SAP and fluff ratio needs.

As the hygiene industry trends toward a ratio of less fluff and more SAP content, you need equipment that can accommodate a higher SAP concentration. Our proprietary mill designs efficiently fiberize fluff and can handle traditional wood pulp as well as sustainable fiber options, enabling various fluff and SAP combinations. Our forming systems then mix and distribute the fluff and SAP throughout the product core for better absorption.

Core forming

Elastic Application

Solutions for any elastic application requirements.

No matter your elastic design, JOA has a solution. Some products require elastics to be placed on a web in a curved fashion to create appropriate “fit”. Others require a flared elastic design that maintains equal spacing of the elastic from the leg openings to the core, creating a more uniformed look and flexible product. We’ve also developed proprietary processes for customers based on unique requirements. Come to JOA with any challenge or idea, and we’ll help make it possible.

Elastic harp assembly

Elastic Deactivation

Smart solutions for maximum product quality.

Deactivating the elastic strands across the product waist prevents the core or insert from bunching up. Our elastic deactivation process uses a dull knife that essentially crushes the elastics to sever them—instead of the typical slitting method—eliminating holes in the inner or outer nonwoven for a more aesthetic product. We also offer solutions for manually or automatically adjusting the engagement to the unit. Our camera solution collects feedback and identifies any unsevered elastics, changing the engagement to the unit accordingly.

Elastic deactivation


Enhance user comfort with embossing.

Core embossing improves fluid transfer and aesthetics by applying a textured pattern to the core. We have both ultrasonic and mechanical embossing capabilities to meet your aesthetic and product performance goals. Our high precision and robust units have a long service life, providing unrivaled value.


Expandable Core Wrap

Protect each product core to ensure user comfort.

Our patent-pending Expandable Core Wrap design allows the core to expand within the containment wrap, regardless of the fluff and SAP ratio. This means core materials stay contained, the risk of leakage is reduced and your customers’ skin is protected. And as more cores are designed with channels to improve fluid transfer, JOA provides flexibility in product design. Our expandable core wrap feature is available for product cores with channels or without channels.
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Expandable Core Wrap

Flexographic Printing

The printing flexibility you need to set your products apart.

Create colorful consumer appealing designs that reflect your brand. The multi-color flexographic printer is capable of printing various designs on a diverse range of ADL or topsheet materials. Integrate the printing process into your production line, reducing waste and shortening lead times. View PDF

Flexographic printing

Quick-Wrap/Pouch Wrap

Increase production speeds and reduce material costs.

Choose from multiple wrapping options and poly or nonwoven materials. Our quick wrap process for feminine care and light incontinence pad products enables higher production speeds than any other pouch wrap process. And by using a better low-impact folding process, product defects such as damage to the end tab and core are eliminated, for superior product quality. Products can be wrapped with release paper or adhered directly to the pouch wrap to eliminate the need for release paper and reduce material costs. Closure tape can also be applied after folding or wrapping.

Quick-wrap process


Efficient stacking options for your production line.

The stacker receives folded products from the parent machine. The products are grouped into a stack and delivered to a bag or auto-packing machine.

Production line stacking

Need a custom process for your product?