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    Partnering With Us

Security and Confidentiality

We understand that in the world of product development, launch timing is critical. Protecting your market interest and intellectual property is essential. That’s why Joa has developed a confidentiality policy more stringent than any in our industry.

  • Access to projects is granted only to authorized personnel
  • Project code names and locked conferencing and manufacturing bays
  • Secure storage of raw materials
  • Secure disposal of finished goods
  • Entrances guarded by state-of-the-art security system
  • Signed agreements ensure that no information about your project will be revealed without your express consent
  • Security badges are required at all times while in the Joa facility and are to be worn visibly
  • Remote facilities are available for additional security on longer term development projects

Learn More

To learn more about partnering with us, our products, or to talk with a member of our sales staff, contact us.