Baby Diaper Machine

Designed to meet all your baby diaper product needs.

Machine Speed

Up to 450

meters per minute

Production Speed

Up to 800

products per minute

Baby Diaper Sizes

Newborn to size 7

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These represent base configurations. We can engineer a machine to your specific requirements. Ask JOA

diaper pant

The JOA® J6S-B Baby Diaper Machine is a combination of smart engineering, superior manufacturing, trouble-free operation, and long machine life. Meet your product demands with a platform-based solution that incorporates proprietary JOA® technology that can be customized by our engineering team with features and functionality to meet your product and production requirements. Backed by personal service and nearly 90 years of experience, it’s an investment you can trust with a company that puts the customer first.

Minimize scrap and increase production speed.

The J6S-B platform features cutting-edge technologies, including a low-scrap ear cutting unit that reduces expensive ear material waste, and the low-impact patented Gentle Touch™ Folder that retains product core integrity at high converting speeds. In addition, machines splice raw materials at-speed without slowing down production, and JOA’s unique ultrasonic bonding methods reduce energy and material costs by eliminating adhesives.

Improve quality with automatic inspection and correction.

In-line product inspections—at full machine speed—are made possible with JOA’s proprietary Vision Control System. Integrated with all machine processes and customized to the product being manufactured, the Vision Control System automatically rejects single products and self-corrects the machine when product inconsistencies are detected, significantly reducing material waste and guaranteeing product quality throughout production.

Designs that enable continuous innovation.

Our engineers are continually looking for ways to improve machine design for better performance, enhanced safety and less product waste. Designed to seamlessly handle machine upgrades as technologies evolve, you can always add components with minimal investment and downtime.

Training and service options that meet your needs wherever you are.

Committed to keeping your machine up and running, our expert technicians accept calls day and night and travel at a moment’s notice when needed. Flexible operator and maintenance training options are available at start-up and throughout the life of your machine. To further our dedication to 24/7 worldwide service, online support solutions are also provided to accelerate the troubleshooting process and minimize downtime.