Baby Care Machine Platforms

Platform #ProductProduct Size RangeTop Machine Speed
Top Production Speed
J8T-BBaby DiaperNewborn to Size 76001200
J7I-BPBaby PantXS to XXL5001000
J6S-BBaby DiaperNewborn to Size 7450800

For every baby care product, we have a converting solution. Our engineers design platform-based machines that solve the industry’s toughest challenges—from running thin low-GSM materials with ease to high-speed cutting processes that eliminate expensive material waste, and low-impact folding processes that maintain quality. Choose a platform and collaborate with our engineers to determine which proprietary technologies to integrate based on your unique product and production requirements.

Discover how our custom hygiene converting solutions can transform your business. Contact us today or give us a call. Our JOA® machines offer unmatched durability and reliability, built to last for decades. We’re committed to innovation and scalability, making it easy to incorporate new technology enhancements. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your product and achieve long-term success.