Adult Pant Machine

Speed and quality you can depend on.

Machine Speed

Up to 500

meters per minute

Production Speed

Up to 500

products per minute

Base Machine Size

33M x 14M x 6.8M


Adult Pant Sizes

Small to XXL

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These represent base configurations. We can engineer a machine to your specific requirements. Ask JOA

adult male pant
female adult pant

The JOA® J8T-AP Adult Pant Machine is one of the fastest and most efficient converting solutions in the industry, with unsurpassed durability. This platform-based solution incorporates proprietary JOA® technology that enables high speeds and superior product quality while reducing material waste and improving adult diaper machine operator efficiencies.

Our engineers work with you to customize features and functionality to meet your product and production requirements. We provide advanced solutions to the toughest industry challenges, including enabling customers to run thin, low GSM materials and easily manufacture custom product cores with high SAP content if needed. Designed to seamlessly handle adult diaper machine upgrades as technologies evolve, components can be added to your machine with minimal investment and downtime when product designs change.

Improve production efficiency and quality.

The J8T-AP platform features cutting-edge technologies, including turret unwinds that automatically splice raw materials at-speed and enable integration with our Automatic Roll Loading System. The Hurricane™ Folder folds products into a compact rectangular shape that results in packaging material savings. In addition, JOA’s patented Single Transfer Insert Placement Process (STIPP) improves product quality by reducing the variability between chassis and insert placement and enabling adhesives to be put on the insert so no glue is exposed. And by putting glue on the insert edges, flipped corners are eliminated.

Increase uptime and eliminate manual processes.

Our Automatic Roll Loading System (ARLS) fully automates the material loading and unloading process. In addition, our patented pneumatic air threading technology enables the operator to simply push a button to rethread the web in the event of breakage, instead of locking down the machine and manually rethreading the web.

Quality control and waste reduction technologies.

In-line product inspections—at full machine speed—are made possible with our proprietary Vision Control System. Integrated with all machine processes and customized to the product being manufactured, the Vision Control System automatically self-corrects the machine when product inconsistencies are detected, significantly reducing material waste and ensuring product quality throughout production. It also allows for single product rejection at machine speed, eliminating the need to reject multiple products.

Upgrade any production process.

Our engineers are continually looking for ways to improve machine design for better performance. We can evaluate your existing machine and recommend the best solutions for your requirements. With upgrade kits that integrate seamlessly to any machine, you can increase production speeds, reduce material waste, improve product quality, automate manual tasks and more.

Designed smarter, designed by JOA.

The J8T-AP Adult Pant Machine is a combination of smart engineering, superior manufacturing, trouble-free operation and long machine life. Backed by personal service and nearly 90 years of experience, it’s an investment you can trust with a company that puts the customer first.