Adult Pant Machine

Industry-leading technology designed for your needs.

Machine Speed

Up to 250

meters per minute

Production Speed

Up to 300

products per minute

Base Machine Size

30M x 10M x 6.8M


Adult Pant Sizes

Small to XXL

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These represent base configurations. We can engineer a machine to your specific requirements. Ask JOA

adult male pant
female adult pant

The JOA® J7I-AP Adult Pant Machine is available in full metric and utilizes the industry-leading technology from the J8T-AP machine with a smaller footprint. This adult diaper manufacturing machine is completely custom-built to your product and production needs. It features technologies that improve product quality, reduce waste in your production process, and eliminate time-consuming manual tasks.

Improve production quality and reduce waste.

Featuring our turret unwinds, raw materials are spliced at-speed. The Hurricane™ Folder folds products into a compact rectangular shape that results in packaging material savings. In addition, JOA’s patented Single Transfer Insert Placement Process (STIPP) improves product quality by reducing the variability between chassis and insert placement and enabling adhesives to be put on the insert so no glue is exposed and flipped corners are eliminated.

Increase uptime and eliminate risk from manual processes.

With automated technologies, JOA has developed many ways to eliminate repetitive manual tasks and improve operator safety. Our Automatic Roll Loading System (ARLS) completely automates roll loading from roll retrieval to core disposal. And patented pneumatic air threading technology enables the operator to simply push a button to rethread the web if it breaks, instead of locking down the machine and rethreading the web manually.

Quality control and waste reduction technologies.

Product inspections are completely customized and our proprietary Vision Control System integrates with all of our machine processes. Our unique process also activates automatic self-correcting systems when product defects are detected, significantly reducing material waste and ensuring product quality throughout production. In addition, ultrasonic bonding capabilities significantly reduce energy consumption and material costs by eliminating the need for an adhesive.

Reduce machine footprint with compact design options.

JOA provides the option for a two-level machine design which features a Mechanical Equipment Platform (MEP) that puts raw material delivery on a second level above the machine, reducing the number of off-line unwinds and the overall machine footprint—so you don’t have to expand your facility or compromise production volume. And with turret unwinds that have an accumulator-less design, we enable flexible configuration of material placement so machine size doesn’t need to conform to the width of the raw material rolls.

Training and service options that meet your needs wherever you are.

Committed to keeping your machine up and running, our expert technicians accept calls day and night and travel at a moment’s notice when needed. Flexible operator and maintenance training options are available at start-up and throughout the life of your machine. To further our dedication to 24/7 worldwide service, online support solutions are also provided to accelerate the troubleshooting process and minimize downtime.