Adult Brief Machine

The best balance of speed and quality.

Machine Speed

Up to 450

meters per minute

Production Speed

Up to 450

products per minute

Base Machine Size

21M x 14M x 6.8M


Adult Brief Sizes

Small to XXXL

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These represent base configurations. We can engineer a machine to your specific requirements. Ask JOA

diaper pant

The JOA® J8T-AB Adult Brief Machine combines speed with versatility to meet your unique product needs. Our engineers work with you to design the most efficient adult brief machine for your unique product and production requirements. We solve for your current challenges while building in the flexibility to add future upgrades with minimal downtime when your product designs change. Our innovative technologies significantly reduce waste and improve quality throughout the production process.

Eliminate expensive ear material waste.

Since product ear material is cut into unique shapes, many cutting processes produce scrap. To eliminate this waste, JOA designed No Scrap Ear (NoSE) technology which nests ear patterns together so 100% of the ear material is used each time. The NoSE unit cuts a variety of product shapes including symmetric trapezoids, asymmetric trapezoids and radiused cuts to achieve the back ear design that meets your design, strength and functionality requirements.

Boost production speed without compromising the core of your product.

Typical folding processes utilize a high-impact blade, which can damage the product core at increased machine speeds. The patented JOA® Gentle Touch™ Folder retains core integrity at maximum machine speed, eliminating product defects and enabling production of thinner cores.

Ensure quality with automatic inspection and correction.

The J8T-AB platform integrates with our proprietary Vision Control System for customized product inspections. At full production speed, the Vision Control System captures high resolution images of each product and rejects single products, eliminating unnecessary waste. Auto-correct systems detect and correct open cuff folds and inverted ADL material, minimizing both product defects and material waste.

Glue-free bonding reduces costs and improves quality.

Our Ultrasonic Elastic Entrapment technology eliminates the need for adhesives and features a low energy consumption process that doesn’t require heat. Ultrasonic lamination of the stretch film and nonwoven is available for the front and back panel, which also results in softer fabric and better stretch.

Improve a machine process with easy-to-install upgrade kits.

Our expert technicians can evaluate your existing machine and recommend the best solutions for your requirements. We offer many upgrade kit solutions that increase production speeds, reduce material waste, boost product quality, automate manual tasks and more.

Training and service options that meet your needs wherever you are.

Committed to keeping your machine up and running, our expert technicians accept calls day and night and travel at a moment’s notice when needed. Flexible operator and maintenance training options are available at start-up and throughout the life of your machine. To further our dedication to 24/7 worldwide service, online support solutions are also provided to accelerate the troubleshooting process and minimize downtime.