Convert Nonwovens Into Next-Gen Solutions With JOA’s Disposable Hygiene Machining Platforms.

Working with hundreds of clients worldwide, JOA has solved some of the most intriguing nonwoven machine production challenges. We design disposable hygiene machining & converting equipment and specialized technologies for many categories of disposable, absorbent, and medical products. Share your vision—our engineers will make it a reality.

Elevate your nonwoven solutions with JOA’s Disposable Hygiene Machining Platforms. With a global clientele, we specialize in designing machinery for disposable, absorbent, and medical products. Share your vision with us, and our dedicated engineers will bring it to life. Contact us or give us a call at +1 (920) 467-6136 to get started.

You protect customers. We protect brands.

JOA® Disposable Hygiene Machine Platforms.
Ingenious Technologies. Unrivaled Efficiency.

We engineer it. We build it. We test it. We guarantee it. With engineers dedicated to designing each platform and in-house machining capabilities, we have complete control over quality and can meet every one of your converting needs. Leverage our expertise in a wide range of manufacturing & nonwoven machine processes as we collaborate closely with you from design through delivery to ensure optimal solutions.

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Adult incontinence


Choose from high-speed and metric solutions that integrate with our proprietary technology to meet every product and production need.

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Baby care

Baby Care

Our baby diaper and baby pant machines feature cutting-edge technologies that minimize scrap and optimize quality.

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Feminine Hygiene


Find the optimal solution based on your production goals and sanitary napkin or panty liner product features.

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Under pad


Our platform-based solution provides versatility for many different underpad sizes and folding capabilities, to meet unique product and production requirements.

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Light incontinence


We provide the production flexibility needed to meet unique product feature requirements.

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Face mask


Collaborate with our engineers—we’ve designed many machines for disposable web-based products, ranging from simple to sophisticated.

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Maybe you don’t need a new machine. You may just need better technologies. Our upgrade kits integrate with virtually any machine, regardless of brand.

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90 years of
complex production challenges

Leading innovation—from our first
90 days to the next 90 years.

Since day one, our mission wasn’t to simply build a machine, but rather design solutions for complex production problems based on a deep understanding of what each customer seeks to accomplish. Taking a you-first, problem-solving approach, we continue to make a tradition of innovation. See how we improve production efficiency while producing the highest quality product possible.

Solving the toughest
production challenges across the globe.

24/7 support. Experienced teams. Worldwide. To support our global commitment, JOA teams in Germany and Japan provide the European and East Asia region with same- or next-day on-site service, rapid problem solving, and accelerated replacement parts delivery through trusted local suppliers. Wherever in the world you may be, experience our passion for finding new ways to help you be successful in increasingly competitive markets.